Gift ideas for him


Purchasing gifts for a man is one of the most difficult things to do because the options seem so limited. I always run out of gift ideas for my husband. He is a straightforward guy, and so he never has any kinds of demands. It becomes really challenging for me to surprise him with something that he really loves. Although, every time that I have bought him a gift, he was always more than grateful, and I think that is really sweet. But it is a different case if you have brothers, though, because if they don’t like it, they’ll say it to your face. I appreciate the honesty, sometimes.

So here are some of my favorite gift ideas:

  1.  Wallets- this is the most common one and get them something that will last at least a couple of years because I have seen it with my dad, brothers and my husband, they usually like to stick to one wallet for a very long time.

2. Cologne- This one can be tricky. What smells better on my husband may not smell great on your other half and so I suggest getting samples. That way you can go ahead and get the bigger bottle of the cologne that he prefers or smells great on him.

3. Car gadgets- men are into their cars and they love to upgrade it so it looks cool. For my husband’s birthday I got him a wireless rearview camera and he was over the moon.  Some of his other favorites are a vacuum cleaner, tire pressure sensor, and tire inflator. All these come in handy.

4. Gaming gadgets- if your partner is into gaming then he will appreciate some of these things.

5. Hybrid Smartwatch- this is the coolest watch. Its analog hybrid smartwatch.

Other things he might like are sneakers, jackets, etc. And once the pandemic is over I am sure he wont mind tickets to his favorite game!


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