I don’t know what I want in life!

Meditate. Take some time to breathe!

This is something I believe we all have said multiple times at some points in our lives. I know I have. There are times when I’m questioning my existence and what purpose do I have in my life.

Before the age of 18, I had no worries. I was living under the wing of my parents. I was in my own bubble of pure happiness and joy. I had no responsibilities. My job was to go to school, get an education, and have a good time with all my friends. Life was great!

After I turned 18, I got married (why?) I met my husband online, and our families were involved, and we clicked right away, so I ended up marrying him. I thought maybe this will be a bit different. I was going to move to a whole other country. I was thinking of crazy adventures.

But once I came to the US. Everything was different, and it took me some time to adjust to a whole new world. It actually took me 5-6 years to fully accept my new world. There were times when I was overwhelmed, and times when I was just happy to be present.

But anyway, it took some soul searching before I found what my purpose in this life is, and what I really want to become. As you can see from my blogs, I’m on a mission to become a nurse, and I found my passion over the years. I became a mother at the age of 20, and it was a little tough to transition from being a young girl to a mother. But I was in love with my little baby, and she taught me what real love is and how strong I am.

 My purpose in life is to continue helping as many people as possible, starting with family first. Being able to help someone brings me a lot of joy, and that is why in nursing school, I haven’t been stingy with sharing my notes or my study guides. I want everyone to succeed together. That is where my happiness lies. I am all about teamwork because you know what they say “teamwork makes the dream work!


Published by Mommystudious

I am a mommy of two little cuties and a nursing student. Follow me through my journey on how I manage school with my kids. Come follow me on this journey to success!!

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