How I beat procrastination…


When we get thrown off schedule, we tend to procrastinate quite a lot. I used to waste so much time procrastinating, and sometimes I couldn’t control it. There were days where I could not convince myself to keep going. I would either be on my phone scrolling through my social media or watching something either on YouTube or Netflix. And after I was done, I would regret wasting so much time, but then time and time again, my habits didn’t change. With the whole quarantine, my procrastination has been even worse. So I told myself that if I don’t start the change today, nothing will ever happen. No one will do it for me.

What helped me most is keeping a planner and a journal. I purchased them separately, but I would prefer having a planner that has more writing space so I could document mini journals in it. Having a daily planner has been so helpful, and each time I stick with my plan, I reward myself with a fancy sticker to put on my planner. I try to affirm my action by writing them down in my journal and how I felt after completing the task on time. Every time I had the chance to procrastinate, I would open my journal and re-read what I had done and how amazing it felt. That is how I kept myself motivated. But, I am not going to lie; there were times when I did procrastinate, but it wasn’t as bad as in the past when I didn’t own a planner or a journal.

Planning on getting this planner for Fall 2020

Comment down below on how you use your planner or your journal. I would love to hear from you! ♣                                                                      


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