Second semester of nursing school starting soon!

I am less than four weeks away from starting the second semester of nursing school. I was away on vacation for five weeks with my family and I have finally returned back to reality. I know the stress will begin soon so I tried to enjoy the time off and spend as much time asContinue reading “Second semester of nursing school starting soon!”

Nursing school essentials (Amazon Edition)

Before nursing school started I bought so many things off of Amazon that I did not need. So here are a list of things that I think will really prepare you for nursing school. Foldable clipboards are a must and so convenient to use and carry during clinicals. I used to fold it and putContinue reading “Nursing school essentials (Amazon Edition)”

How I got into nursing school?

I looked up all the colleges nearby that had a nursing program and what the requirements were for each school. Initially, I wanted to pursue my BSN from the state university that I am currently in but I did not have all the credentials to enroll since I was out of high school for overContinue reading “How I got into nursing school?”