Dear mommy, it’s okay to be messy

I have always been a neat freak and somewhat a perfectionist. I love cleaning and staying organized. I can’t focus on anything if I have a messy room or an unorganized area. It would bother me until I had everything in place. It became tough to keep up with cleaning and organizing once I hadContinue reading “Dear mommy, it’s okay to be messy”

How to get the baby to stop nursing?

All the moms out there, don’t feel guilty when you feel like it’s time to put an end to breastfeeding. You know yourself and your baby better than anyone else. So, once you’ve made the decision to stop nursing, stick to it, and don’t give in when the baby is fussy and cranky. My babyContinue reading “How to get the baby to stop nursing?”

What I wish I knew before giving birth?

                             The most magical day of my life was when I gave birth! I wish someone told me the reality of what actually happens after giving birth. Everyone always shows the ‘joyous’ side of having a newborn. So in my mind, IContinue reading “What I wish I knew before giving birth?”