The pandemic helped me reset my priorities

This pandemic has been rough on everyone. I have had close family members who caught the virus, and some are currently fighting it. Some have lost the battle, whereas others are recovering well now. There are many conspiracy theorists out there who continue to spread rumors about the virus. Be it man-made or not, weContinue reading “The pandemic helped me reset my priorities”

How I passed my classes during the pandemic?

I have managed to pass all my classes with flying colors. I honestly didn’t think I would survive this semester. Advanced anatomy and physiology was a really challenging course. Here are some of the ways that have worked for me for the fall 2020 semester: 1. Organized Study AreaI always had an organized study space.Continue reading “How I passed my classes during the pandemic?”

How I got scammed and lost $1050?

I never in my wildest dream ever thought I would get scammed. Unfortunately, it happened, and I am in shock, and I also want to beat myself up for not recognizing all the red flags. But I hope that this post will make others aware and prevent the scammers from scamming other people. So, IContinue reading “How I got scammed and lost $1050?”