Dear mommy, it’s okay to be messy

I have always been a neat freak and somewhat a perfectionist. I love cleaning and staying organized. I can’t focus on anything if I have a messy room or an unorganized area. It would bother me until I had everything in place. It became tough to keep up with cleaning and organizing once I hadContinue reading “Dear mommy, it’s okay to be messy”

Traveling during quarantine

I have been MIA for a while since I was on vacation with my family. I traveled to the U.K to visit family, and we actually booked our tickets back in February. We were having trouble disputing our tickets and instead of losing out on the money we decided to travel. We were aware thatContinue reading “Traveling during quarantine”

Was tying the knot at 18 a mistake?

    Life isn’t always great. We learn from our good and bad experiences. It helps us grow and makes us better people. Everyone learns from their mistakes, and sometimes you learn it the hard way. Now I’m not saying that my marriage was a mistake. I’m sure everyone goes through all these emotional rollerContinue reading “Was tying the knot at 18 a mistake?”