I tested positive for COVID-19!

I was able to avoid the virus for the past two years but wasn’t able to dodge it in 2022. I just got off my PCA orientation last Friday and I had to call out on Monday and get tested because I have been feeling all the symptoms. Tuesday morning I found out I wasContinue reading “I tested positive for COVID-19!”

Gift ideas for him

Purchasing gifts for a man is one of the most difficult things to do because the options seem so limited. I always run out of gift ideas for my husband. He is a straightforward guy, and so he never has any kinds of demands. It becomes really challenging for me to surprise him with somethingContinue reading “Gift ideas for him”

Passed a 3 credit class with an A in 8 days!

This is not clickbait, as you can see from the picture. At first, it seemed intimidating because, typically, a college course is about 15 weeks. But I wanted to get some of my general education classes out of the way so I could complete my nursing degree (BSN) in less than four years. That’s theContinue reading “Passed a 3 credit class with an A in 8 days!”