The pandemic helped me reset my priorities

This pandemic has been rough on everyone. I have had close family members who caught the virus, and some are currently fighting it. Some have lost the battle, whereas others are recovering well now. There are many conspiracy theorists out there who continue to spread rumors about the virus. Be it man-made or not, weContinue reading “The pandemic helped me reset my priorities”

Dear mommy, it’s okay to be messy

I have always been a neat freak and somewhat a perfectionist. I love cleaning and staying organized. I can’t focus on anything if I have a messy room or an unorganized area. It would bother me until I had everything in place. It became tough to keep up with cleaning and organizing once I hadContinue reading “Dear mommy, it’s okay to be messy”

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel…ending your life isn’t a solution

••TRIGGER WARNING•• Some so many people have committed or attempted to commit suicide. Suicide is a taboo subject that no one even wants to openly discuss. It’s seen as a stigma in the community, and my question is, why? Why can’t we openly talk about suicide and find ways to help people who feel likeContinue reading “There’s always light at the end of the tunnel…ending your life isn’t a solution”