How I read from my textbooks and retain information

One of the hardest things about nursing school is that the professors are not lenient at all. You will come across very few who will care about you but some professors will not care at all. But you can’t take it to the heart because you are going to have to toughen up. Nothing inContinue reading “How I read from my textbooks and retain information”

How I built my credit score?

I moved to the states eight years ago, and so I had absolutely no credit score. But at the same time, I had no debt either. So basically, I started at square one. I knew I had to build my credit score, but I didn’t know where to begin. I started applying for credit cards,Continue reading “How I built my credit score?”

How I save hundreds of dollars on college textbooks?

There are so many added expenses when it comes to going to college. It is not just the tuition that you have to pay but also the books which are always around $200. Sometimes, students end up paying close to $600 per semester on books.  When I started going to college, the first semester, IContinue reading “How I save hundreds of dollars on college textbooks?”