New Year New Me?

2021 hit a little different. It still feels like we are still stuck in 2020. I am hoping we can have a somewhat normal summer this year and an overall better year. Every year, I write down my “New Years Resolution.” I know a lot of people want to start afresh, beginning January 1st. IContinue reading “New Year New Me?”

The pandemic helped me reset my priorities

This pandemic has been rough on everyone. I have had close family members who caught the virus, and some are currently fighting it. Some have lost the battle, whereas others are recovering well now. There are many conspiracy theorists out there who continue to spread rumors about the virus. Be it man-made or not, weContinue reading “The pandemic helped me reset my priorities”

Gift ideas for him

Purchasing gifts for a man is one of the most difficult things to do because the options seem so limited. I always run out of gift ideas for my husband. He is a straightforward guy, and so he never has any kinds of demands. It becomes really challenging for me to surprise him with somethingContinue reading “Gift ideas for him”