I passed my NCLEX!!

Don’t stop until you’re proud!

I can’t believe I passed my NCLEX. I came out of the exam feeling like I failed and I didn’t know anything. I had to wait 48 hours for my unofficial results to be posted. Those 48 hours were filled with anxiety. They were the most difficult 48 hours of my life. In fact, waiting for the results was actually worse than taking the exam itself.

My last day of classes was August 12th and I registered for the NCLEX a week before and applied for my license a month before just to get the process going. I had to call the nursing board to expedite my ATT so I could schedule my NCLEX. I received my ATT 24 hours after I spoke to the operator. I initially gave myself around 10 days to prepare so I scheduled my exam for the 31st of August. But I acted on impulse and I just wanted to get it over with so I ended up rescheduling to 24th of August. I immersed myself into the books and test banks for three days and felt somewhat ready to take the exam.

The day of the exam, I arrived 40 minutes early to give myself some time to navigate my test anxiety. I made sure I was hydrated and used the bathroom. Took a few deep breaths and pictured myself getting that ‘pass’ on the results. I thought my test would end at 75 questions, but it did not. It went up all the way to 133 and stopped. The odd number freaked me out. I have always heard of people’s exam stopping at 75 or 145. I left the exam room feeling completely defeated.

I tried the Pearson Vue trick that people talk about online and decided to give it a try. I did get the good pop up but even then I felt like I am probably that 1% that will receive a fail with a good pop up. I came back home and tried the trick a couple of more times but that was not reassuring at all. I had no other choice but to wait the whole 48 hours after the exam.

Then the day arrived and I was so nervous to login and purchase my unofficial results. Once I logged in and I saw that my results were up, I was dreading to see a fail while making the payment of $7 something. I closed my eyes as soon and I pressed ‘submit order’. Then I peaked with one eye and I read PASS. I jumped up in joy scaring my children. I couldn’t believe I passed. I kept spelling P-A-S-S out loud and asking my husband if it really meant pass or fail. I know I sounded like a crazy person.

Now, I can actually say that I am so relieved. I packed all my books away in my book shelf. I can finally take a deep breath and just breathe that fresh air in and out. I don’t have to worry about any more tests, exams, research papers, presentations, case studies, care plans, etc.

To new beginnings………..

I finally graduated!!!

Success doesn’t rush. The greatest reward is the journey!

The feeling is so surreal. I still can’t believe I am done with nursing school. Where has the time gone? But let me tell you the relief that I felt while walking out after giving my last exam. I couldn’t stop smiling. It felt like a huge burden was lifted off of my shoulders.

For the first time in 3 years, I was able to do things as simple as cleaning my house without having to worry about any deadlines for exams or assignments. Even though I still have to prepare for my NCLEX, I feel like there is less pressure because it all depends on when I am ready to sit for the exam.

I am trying to give myself two weeks to relax, spend time with my family and enjoy every moment without worry. Once I receive my Authorization To Test (ATT), then I will be scheduling my exam and start studying again. I am hoping to pass on my first try. That is the only hurdle left.

And if you’re in nursing school, keep going and don’t give up. It won’t be easy but it will definitely be worth it! Thank you to all who have been following me through this journey. I will continue to post relevant stuff and so subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already done so.

How I passed Exit HESI on my first try

You know more than you think you know!

Exit HESI was no joke. It was 160 questions and we were given 6 hours to complete it. I did it in one sitting because I knew if I tried taking a break, I would lose my train of thought. It took me a little less than 3 hours to finish the exam. I needed to score a 900 or above to pass.

So how did I pass on my first try? Well, the first thing that I did was I believed in myself and so I manifested my way through passing once again!

Here are my tips and what worked for me:

  1. Begin studying with a positive attitude. Tell yourself you will pass and you got this!
  2. Start studying right away. Do NOT wait till last minute! Cramming never works.
  3. Do a 50 question practice test on all the topics using a quiz bank. Either Archer, Uworld, Elsevier, etc. Figure out your weak areas.
  4. Make a list of all the weak areas and go over them.
  5. Know your concepts so either read the HESI books or watch YouTube videos on certain nursing topics.
  6. Read the rationales and make your own notes.
  7. Stay consistent with doing practice questions everyday. At least 50-75 questions a day.
  8. Take breaks and don’t forget to get enough sleep before the exam day.
Great for learning the concepts!
Great practice questions and rationales!

Remember when you are preparing for the HESI, you are technically also preparing yourself for the NCLEX, so don’t feel that the time that you spend studying is going to waste.

I am one week away from graduating and I cannot believe how time flew really fast. This final semester has been great and I feel like my clinical making decisions have improved. I am excited to start my next journey of passing my NCLEX and working as an RN.

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