10 HESI test taking strategies

I have compiled 10 test taking strategies after practicing HESI quizzes to prepare myself for the exit HESI exams. Most of them were taken from the HESI test-taking tips and strategies on evolve that have helped me. Usually your first answer is correct. Do not change your answer or look too much into the question.Continue reading “10 HESI test taking strategies”

10 things that will get you through nursing school

First of all know that YOU CAN DO IT! Time management is very important. Pull out the planner and write down all the deadlines for assignments, tests, exams, etc. Try to limit going out on weekends if it is not necessary and instead catch up on readings and assignments. Go into class prepared which meansContinue reading “10 things that will get you through nursing school”

How to master dosage calculations for nursing school?

Practice, practice and practice. Practicing and solving few questions every day will help you. I am not the brightest when it comes to numbers. I always dreaded solving math problems but I realized you can never run away from numbers and the best way to master it is through practicing. I solve my dosage calculationsContinue reading “How to master dosage calculations for nursing school?”