How I beat procrastination…

When we get thrown off schedule, we tend to procrastinate quite a lot. I used to waste so much time procrastinating, and sometimes I couldn’t control it. There were days where I could not convince myself to keep going. I would either be on my phone scrolling through my social media or watching something eitherContinue reading “How I beat procrastination…”

Back to school after having kids

Is it possible? Yes. Is it easy? No. Whatever route we decide to take in life is never going to be easy. Great things don’t come easy, and we all know it. But things become a little more challenging when there are kids involved. A mother would understand another mother because they have experienced similarContinue reading “Back to school after having kids”

Trying to beat the coronavirus stress

This pandemic is unlike any other. It is crazy how the world has completely shutdown. Everyone is scared and worried about themselves and their loved one’s lives. Everything feels so uncertain, and it’s driving a lot of people into anxiety, depression, and stress. People have lost their jobs, their loved ones, and no one canContinue reading “Trying to beat the coronavirus stress”