I accepted a position in the OR!

Follow your dreams and believe in them!

I started my job two days after my pinning ceremony. As you can see from the blog title that I started in the operating room (OR) which is exciting. I enrolled in the Peri-Op 101 program through the hospital since I have no prior OR experience and nursing school does not teach you much about the OR. The first week was virtual hospital orientation and one day we had an on site orientation. This is my second week and I have been completing my modules and got to tour the OR.

I enjoyed the tour in the OR. Everyone was so welcoming and genuinely nice. I could see everyone busy and the circulating nurses coming out of the room to grab stuff. We were able to walk into a room where a robotic surgery was being performed. It was really cool to see everyone in action and the surgeon was so pleasant. It will be a great learning experience for me and I am very thrilled to be a part of the OR team.

What made me pick the OR?
During the last semester of nursing school, I knew I did not want to work on the Med-Surg floor. I know it would’ve been a learning experience but I just couldn’t see myself working on the floor. But I loved the emergency room (ER) and so I considered it. During a brief call with the HR, they had mentioned availabilities in the OR. At the time, I didn’t know that OR hired new grad nurses and so I never bothered looking it up. But my hospital participates in the nursing residency program and so my interest in the OR grew after the call. I became interested because I have always loved the human anatomy and the different surgical procedures were very intriguing. I gave it a thought and the hours fit perfectly with my schedule.

Right now because I am in the nursing residency program and enrolled in the Peri-Op 101 program my schedule is from 7 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. Monday through Friday. No weekends. My orientation will continue for 8 months before I can start working independently. After orientation, I will be doing evening shift which is not as bad because none of the shifts are overnight. I know most new grads start on nights and I was not up for it because I need my nights sleep no matter what. So I was lucky enough to get into the OR. I absolutely do not mind working regular 8-hour shifts Monday through Friday.

So yeah that’s the latest update on my nursing life. So far, as you can tell, it’s been going great and I hope it stays that way. The amazing thing is that whatever you put your mind into, it will eventually happen or come true. My inspiration to become a nurse sparked when I gave birth to my daughter at the very hospital that I am working at right now. Believe in yourself, put in the effort, and watch it all come to life!


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