I finally graduated!!!

Success doesn’t rush. The greatest reward is the journey!

The feeling is so surreal. I still can’t believe I am done with nursing school. Where has the time gone? But let me tell you the relief that I felt while walking out after giving my last exam. I couldn’t stop smiling. It felt like a huge burden was lifted off of my shoulders.

For the first time in 3 years, I was able to do things as simple as cleaning my house without having to worry about any deadlines for exams or assignments. Even though I still have to prepare for my NCLEX, I feel like there is less pressure because it all depends on when I am ready to sit for the exam.

I am trying to give myself two weeks to relax, spend time with my family and enjoy every moment without worry. Once I receive my Authorization To Test (ATT), then I will be scheduling my exam and start studying again. I am hoping to pass on my first try. That is the only hurdle left.

And if you’re in nursing school, keep going and don’t give up. It won’t be easy but it will definitely be worth it! Thank you to all who have been following me through this journey. I will continue to post relevant stuff and so subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already done so.


Published by Mommystudious

I am a mommy of two little cuties and a nursing student. Follow me through my journey on how I manage school with my kids. Come follow me on this journey to success!!

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