I tested positive for COVID-19!

I was able to avoid the virus for the past two years but wasn’t able to dodge it in 2022. I just got off my PCA orientation last Friday and I had to call out on Monday and get tested because I have been feeling all the symptoms. Tuesday morning I found out I was positive for COVID and have to quarantine for 10 days.

I would describe this sickness as flu 2.0. The symptoms felt just like the flu but a little harsher. The worst was the sore throat and the cough. They definitely got a lot worse at night. It was difficult to swallow food or water and the fever would come and go. I also had the body aches, nasal congestion, and chills.

The first 2-3 days were really rough but after that, I started feeling a little better. The ginger shots from Trader Joe’s were my best friend. They helped relieve the intensity of my sore throat and my throat ache. I took Tylenol as needed and continued taking my multivitamin supplement every day. I also tried to remain hydrated because my lips and throat would get dry really quick. And most importantly, I tried to sleep whenever I felt extremely tired.

The Omicron variant is highly contagious and it seems as though a lot of people have been catching it. I am hoping for all of it to get better soon because being sick is not fun. Let’s all try to stay safe by practicing hand hygeiene often, avoiding crowded areas, wearing masks, and getting vaccinated.

Stay Healthy and Stay Safe!


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