I landed a job as a PCA!

The future depends on what you decide to do today!

I have been applying for PCA (patient care associate) position for a while and I never heard back from any hospitals till recently. As you can see from my title that I did end up getting an offer from the hospital that’s close to my house. And it is the same hospital I did my first ever Med-Surg clinical rotation. Luckily, they did have a per diem position available which requires me to work at least once a week. With my spring semester starting soon, I knew I wouldn’t be able to work part-time or full-time because of my busy schedule ahead. I just wanted to get my foot in the door and I couldn’t be more excited.

The hiring process includes orientation which is three days of lecture in the hospital auditorium and five days of shadowing a preceptor. It worked out perfectly because my winter break is six weeks long. I am trying to get in as many hours as possible just so I could get my hands-on experience and also make some money to pay for my tuition and other necessities for school.

I got placed in the ICU/CCU unit and the first day was pretty overwhelming for me but towards the end of my orientation week, I felt really comfortable. Do I see myself working in the ICU? Uhm… I’m not 100% sure but I honestly wouldn’t mind it. I feel like there is so much you can learn in the unit and also maybe if I ever decide to pursue CRNA school, the experience will be relevant.

That is it for today’s blog and maybe in the future I might do a day in the life of a PCA and go over my entire shift.

Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers. May 2022 bring you happiness & success!!


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