What to take with you during clinical rotations?

Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you!

Clinical rotations are always exciting and something that every nursing student looks forward to. It is really nerve-wrecking at first but trust me when I say that you get a boost in your self-confidence by the end of the rotation.

When I started my clinical rotation in the medical-surgical department, I was beyond terrified. I did not know how to approach patients and speak to them let alone take their vital signs. But by the end of the 5-week rotation I was confident. I knew what I had to do and I wasn’t nervous or anxious to go see my patients. I loved that I got to learn so much every rotation and the interaction with every patient was a very humbling experience.

So here is what you need to keep with you during clinicals:

  1. Stethoscope– I use Littman classic and I love it. You can heart the heart and lung sounds crystal clear.
  2. Foldable clipboard– this one is a must. While on rotation, you cannot keep a backpack with you all the time and so a foldable clipboard comes in handy because it fits perfect inside the scrub pocket.
  3. Comfortable shoes– since you will be on your feet most of the time, invest in a good pair of comfy sneakers. I love memory foam because they help relieve the pressure off my feet.
  4. Pen light– as students we are expected to know how to do a full physical assessment and a pen light will be used during visual assessment of the eyes.
  5. Shear scissors– they come in handy especially when administering oral medication and you cannot open those medication wrappers (speaking from experience LOL). But they’re used to cut clothing quickly and safely off a patient.

Apart from all that, remember to get a good nights sleep before the rotation. Have a high protein breakfast and stay hydrated. Go over any objectives that needs to be completed before the rotation as per your course syllabus. Review concepts and don’t worry if you don’t know everything because we are all learning and most importantly, do not be afraid to ask questions!

Happy Studying!!!


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