Nursing School: Week 1

……and so the journey begins!

Since I officially started with all my nursing classes, I will try to post every week or every other week with updates. I have been hearing how difficult nursing school is all along and now I am actually getting to experience it.

The hard bit about nursing school isn’t the course material but the amount of workload that is dumped on you. I started getting assignments from day one and the way I am staying on top of it is by practicing proper time management and planning. The moment all the syllabuses and weekly schedules were posted on blackboard, I started noting them down into my planner. I did it for the entire semester because I wanted to be able to get a head-start.

Sample monthly planner

This is how my monthly planner looks like. I got the one with big boxes and and an empty column on the right where I put down my weekly priorities. I have invested in multiple planners but this template seems to work best.

My planner looks a lot more busier than the sample one. I have something due literally every day and in three weeks I have my first three exams back to back. There is a lot of readings to do and some of the professors don’t like to share PowerPoints or even study guides.

This semester I took 17 credits (fundamentals of nursing, health assessment, critical thinking inquiry, cultural foundations of nursing, and a public health class) so I expect my schedule to be really hectic but I am mentally prepared for the challenge.

All my classes are online with a mix of synchronous and asynchronous mode of learning. However, my fundamentals class is in the simulation lab for now till we are ready to go to into clinicals which will be five weeks before the end of the semester.

So far, I got the hang of every class requirements and objective and, I am trying best to stop procrastinating because if I fall behind, I know it will be really difficult to catch up. I am making sure to read all the materials before signing into class. I started taking notes in the traditional way because last semester I realized that digital note-taking wasn’t for me. After every class is over I try to re-review everything.

I know it’s been only a week but I looked into my schedule and it only gets crazier with time. Click on the follow button and join me on this journey. My goal is to graduate by Dec 2022!


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I am a mommy of two little cuties and a nursing student. Follow me through my journey on how I manage school with my kids. Come follow me on this journey to success!!

3 thoughts on “Nursing School: Week 1

  1. 17 credits… GIRL… But graduating by December sounds amazing!!!! I truly believe in you hun! You’ll be an outstanding nurse because you’re very loving and caring. Make sure to go to Counseling, and take time for yourself so you don’t get sad or anything because it really helps and stuff. I can’t explain it right now but I swear by it. I am soo proud of you Sis! Inshallah you’ll get through this! I’ll pray for you inshallah ❤

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