My LASIK experience

I think I jinxed myself after I posted my previous blog. But anyways, I’m back with a very interesting blog post. I got LASIK done. Yaaay!

I have been wearing my glasses since I was 8 years old and finally 18 years later, I bottled up my courage and decided that I’m going to get corrective eye surgery done. My vision remained the same. I also had astigmatism in both my eyes. I was tired of depending on my glasses so I took a leap of faith and booked an appointment with Dello Russo Laser Vision.

I was browsing on google and saw some great reviews on them. What convinced me to go to them was their same-day surgery availability. I knew I would be a good candidate and I didn’t want to go back and forth. I just wanted to get it over with right then and there so I booked my appointment online with them.

I made it to my appointment 20 minutes early that day. I was called in after an hour of waiting for the initial consultation and I was approved for same-day surgery. They had given me an option to pay cash, credit, check, or finance for 24 months with 0% down and 0% APR. As a nursing student, I’m already broke so I was going to finance and, the monthly payments came out to less than $200 which was feasible. I just needed my eyesight back.

I, then went to the exam room. I was given the prescription for eye drops as well as sunglasses and eye shield to wear post surgery. I also signed a few papers and, took half a pill of Xanax to reduce my anxiety. I waited in the second waiting area with a few other people. I was munching on some snacks that they had kept in the room while I waited.

Finally, it was my turn to go in. I felt a little nervous. The doctor had put in the numbing drops so I couldn’t feel anything in my eye except for the pressure. My vision blacked out for a couple of seconds when the flap was being made but it was back again. I had to stare at a red light while the doctor removed the flap. Everything became fuzzy. But after he repositioned it back to its place, I started seeing better. The entire procedure took roughly about 10 minutes. It was painless and quick.

I was light sensitive right after the surgery. My numbness wore off about 40 minutes later and it felt like someone put broken glass inside my eyes. It was pretty painful but I started applying my drops one hour after surgery and took a long nap once I got home. The pain was down from a 10 to 2 after I woke up and within 24 hours I was seeing much clearer. I experienced dry eyes for a week. The doctor recommended continued use of the dry eye drops for two weeks every hour.

I still have a week more of my recovery period. Driving at night has been a little challenging because of the glare. It should all be gone within two weeks. But this has been the best decision I have ever made in my life and I’m so happy with it. My husband, too, got it done recently after seeing my results. He is enjoying his new vision.

If you asked me, I would 100% recommend getting LASIK done if your vision is terrible. It is a life changer! But try to do your research and read reviews before you pick someone. Go with a reputable LASIK surgeon.


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