New Year New Me?


2021 hit a little different. It still feels like we are still stuck in 2020. I am hoping we can have a somewhat normal summer this year and an overall better year.

Every year, I write down my “New Years Resolution.” I know a lot of people want to start afresh, beginning January 1st. I always go into the year strong, and I tend to lose my focus somewhere down the road. The past few years I have been trying my best to stick to some of my resolutions. It is difficult because life throws many curve balls at you in those 12 months.

I don’t wish to be a new me because I don’t believe in changing myself, my personality and becoming someone else. However, I think that the only thing you can change is your habits. You really don’t have to become a new person. Just be a different, better version of yourself.

I plan on habit stacking this year. It is a strategy that anyone can use to pair a new habit with a current habit. The new habits I wish to include in my daily activities are:
-listen to an episode of my favorite podcast every day while doing chores.
-have an hour of playtime with my children when taking a break from my studies.
-read a page of my self-improvements book every day.
-workout at least for 30 minutes to an hour on my days off.
-put time limits on my social media use. Half an hour for the whole day.
-call/text my family before going to bed.

For now, my goal is to incorporate these new habits into my daily life and maintain consistency. Once all of the new habits become a part of my subconscious mind, I’ll bring in more new habits that’ll continue to make me more productive.

And that is all for today’s blog. I begin my actual nursing classes in less than three weeks, so I am already giving myself a headstart. Subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already, so you don’t miss out on any of my exciting life updates.


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I am a mommy of two little cuties and a nursing student. Follow me through my journey on how I manage school with my kids. Come follow me on this journey to success!!

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