Homeschooling my kindergartener

This year I made a major decision to homeschool my 5-year-old. Since the school classes were held virtually, I felt like my daughter was losing interest and wasn’t too focused when her teacher was teaching. I had considered sending her to school twice a week, but since the COVID-19 cases kept creeping up, some of the school staff actually tested positive, which made me think twice.

I looked into the Kindergarten homeschooling requirements in N.J, and the rules were pretty laid back. They have to be taught a minimum of three hours a day and need to learn the alphabet and some basic math. Since I, too, am doing my nursing school from home this semester, I decided to give it a go. I have been feeling guilty of not spending enough time with her, so I thought this would allow me to have that one-on-one interaction with her. I get to focus on her three hours a day, five days a week for the rest of the school year.

So far, my daughter and I have been enjoying it. She’s learning way more in those three hours than she was while she was virtual from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. She calls me “teacher mommy,” which is very adorable. We follow the same class rules and manners. I believe she will be very well-prepared when she starts grade 1, and hopefully everything is back to normal by then so she doesn’t miss out on her elementary school life.

I bought some of the kindergarten books from staples when I was shopping for a whiteboard. They had some perfect collection of kindergarten books. I bought tracing paper for numbers and alphabets, a sketching book for drawing and letting her creativity bloom, activity books that include number and alphabet mazes, etc. All the books were fun and educational, just like it should be for a kindergartener.

Our typical day goes like this after I am done with my classes:

12:10 p.m. Start with daily positive affirmations
12:15 p.m. Alphabets- upper and lower case
12:50 p.m. Numbers and counting
01:30 p.m. Snack time
01:40 p.m. Reading and skills
02:20 p.m. Arts and crafts
02:50 p.m. Activity book – [great for review]
03:00 p.m. End of homeschooling

As you can see, I try not to go over 40 minutes because they lose their attention span quickly, so I don’t try to focus on one subject for too long. There are days when I swap some classes just so it is not too repetitive every day. I have made it a habit to start the days with positive affirmations because it helps build self-esteem and boost self-confidence. Some of the stuff I ask her to repeat out loud are:

  1. I am smart
  2. I am beautiful
  3. I am confident
  4. I am brave
  5. I am successful
  6. I can do it

And every day, I make sure she gets a sticker. I also acknowledge her hard work, and I let her know how I am excited to teach her again tomorrow. That way, she’s always looking forward to the next day. I am actually loving teaching her. I never knew I had that kind of patience, but you’ll never know if you don’t give it a try!

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