Staying focused while taking online classes


Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the majority of my fall classes have been moved online. I was, of course, really upset because I was looking forward to going into the campus, and also studying is much more comfortable in a classroom environment. Learning at home feels really dull and demotivating. 

I figured I need to take these classes anyway, so I had to come up with some ways that have worked for me to make my online courses a little bit more enjoyable. Now, these steps might work for some and may not work for others because we all have different study habits. Nevertheless, I hope it sheds some light on this whole virtual learning.

Here’s what I have been doing:

  • I have my own study desk and chair. That in itself motivates me to study because I have my calendar, my planner, my notebooks, etc. on it. So make sure you have a place where you can sit and study.
  • I have posted notes, inspirational and motivational quotes, and pictures of my loved ones next to my desk. This reminds me of why I am doing it. It gives me the push to continue working hard.
  • For the classes that are synchronous (live), I make sure I put all my distractions away. This includes my phone. I leave it far from my reach because I would catch myself scrolling through social media while in class. 
  • Whenever I have my live classes, I try to wake up at least an hour early so I can prepare ahead of time by having breakfast, reviewing the syllabus, and going over the chapters that would be covered on that day.
  • For the classes that are not live, I would set aside one of the days of the week and complete the assignments.
  • Keeping a refreshing drink next to me would help me stay awake and alert. This could be sparkling water, regular water, energy drink, or whatever you prefer.
  • I would also leave some snacks next to me like crackers, nuts, granola bars, etc. something light just to beat the boredom.
  • I also like to take as many notes as I can while the class is going on and jotting down important points from the lectures. This helped me stay focused, as well.
  • I would try to ask questions to the professor and not shy away. This would also help big time in making me feel I still have that in-class interaction. 
  • I have made a bunch of friends, by creating an online group. It is a great way to stay in touch with your classmates and discuss materials.

These are something that I have been trying, and so far it has been going well. I do not prefer online learning, but I have to learn to adapt to it since I have no choice at all. I am keeping optimistic that all this will be over soon, and hopefully, by Spring 2021, I can be back on campus and experience my college life. I will also be starting clinicals in January, so I am really looking forward to it. But first, I need to ace all these fall semester classes. 



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