Traveling during quarantine


I have been MIA for a while since I was on vacation with my family. I traveled to the U.K to visit family, and we actually booked our tickets back in February. We were having trouble disputing our tickets and instead of losing out on the money we decided to travel. We were aware that we’d have to quarantine for 14 days, but we were okay with it since we were going to stay with our family anyways.

I was nervous at first because coronavirus is pretty much still around us, and the numbers were again creeping up, but my family and I made sure we took all the precautions. We had our masks, hand sanitizers, baby wipes, etc. 

Honestly, this has by far been the most comfortable journey. Very few people were flying at the time. There were only about 40-50 passengers on the flight. We checked in and passed by security so quickly, it just felt amazing. There were no long queues or anything. Since the plane was more than half empty, everyone was spaced out. We all sat comfortably, and the flight attendants were just very kind. The service was terrific.

The bathrooms were kept clean too, and also, the airport bathrooms were super sanitized, and every toilet seat had a plastic wrapping that automatically changes itself. I was pleased with how everything went. 

Once we got there, we spent our time with my husband’s grandparents for the first 14 days, and then the last week, we rented a car, and I visited my brother and my aunt. We really didn’t go out much even after we were out of quarantine just so we could stay on the safe side and still make the most of our 21 days vacation. 

It was a bliss coming back too. Everything happened so fast, and so quickly, the journey with two little kids was not exhausting at all. We passed customs within 10 minutes of landing, and our luggage was already there, so we did not have to wait at all. It was like in and out. 

But at the end of the day, I am glad that we got to enjoy our trip and that we all were back safe. Hoping for a better 2021! 

Have you traveled anywhere? Leave a comment below on your experience 🙂



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