The most simple and affordable nighttime skincare routine!

love-romantic-bath-candlelight-3188I wanted to share my simple, affordable nighttime skincare routine with all you beautiful people out there. Taking care of your skin is very important. I know a lot of us have busy, hectic schedules, and so sometimes we forget the importance of self-care.

I never focused on looking after my skin ever since I had my kids. I didn’t have a proper routine. Whenever I felt like, or whenever I had time, I would go into the washroom and just scrub my face with whatever I bought. But I would notice that all these products would make me break out really bad. So I would only end up washing my face with cold water, applying my moisturizer, and calling it a night.

Then I realized that wasn’t enough. I need to pay more attention to my facial skin because I didn’t want to end up having scars and spots from my pimples I started noticing hyperpigmentation on certain areas from sunburn. So after a few trial and error with some skincare products, I found out what works best for my skin, and I have stuck with them ever since. Every night my skin looks a lot cleaner, feels smooth, and, most importantly, I feel great!

So here’s what I do:

Step 1: DERMAPLANE MY SKIN ($6.99)

I “shave” my skin at least once a week with the Schick silk dermaplaning tool. Like others, I was hesitant at first thinking my facial hair (that’s almost invisible) will start growing thicker. But trust me, that’s not true. It actually helps exfoliate your skin and gives a smooth feeling. Be sure to stretch your skin as you start dermaplaning, and you can do it as often as you want.

I wash my face with icy cold water. Using cold water has a lot of benefits for your skin. It slows down the aging process and also fills out the wrinkle on your face. It also tightens the pores that open up when exposed to the sun and protects them by getting rid of harmful U.V rays.

Step 3: USE A GOOD FACE SCRUB ($5.64)

I love, love Aveeno positively radiant scrub. This is literally so friendly on your skin. It helps to gently exfoliate the skin while giving that smooth feeling. I highly recommend it, and it works with all types of skin. I lather it to my wet skin and massage my face in a one-way circular motion for about 2 minutes. Then I wash it off with icy cold water.

Step 4: USE ROSEWATER MIST ($6.96)

I lightly dab my face with a dry face towel to get all water off. Then I spray some rose water mist from Garnier on my face and let it set. I don’t try to apply anything else after that. Rosewater has a lot of benefits as well, some of which are: it reduces skin inflammation and improves complexion caused due to hyperpigmentation. It also helps in reducing acne as it has some antibacterial properties. I absolutely love this product, and it’s amazing!!

So there you have it! My super inexpensive (all the products fall below $20) and simple skincare routine that takes only about 10 minutes or less. It will leave you feeling beautiful and good about yourself. 

Leave your comment down below of your nighttime skincare routine. I’d love to hear from you!


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