Passed a 3 credit class with an A in 8 days!

                           If you put your mind to it-nothing is impossible!

This is not clickbait, as you can see from the picture. At first, it seemed intimidating because, typically, a college course is about 15 weeks. But I wanted to get some of my general education classes out of the way so I could complete my nursing degree (BSN) in less than four years. That’s the goal, and I will keep my journey updated on this blog.

As I mentioned in my previous post that I only took eight credits during the fall semester of 2019, so I could get excellent grades to get into the nursing program. Once I completed them, I decided to get most of the co-requisites as well as the general education courses out of the way before starting nursing school in the fall of 2020.

I started by checking out the winter session, and they had few classes available. I wanted to get my writing 101 done because I figured it would be doable in the eight days duration. The professor opened up the online session on moodle two days before the start of the session. That helped to give a great head start, and I started preparing beforehand. We had two 3- pages essays, 20 short essays, and one research paper (minimum 1000 words). I tried not to panic, and I had considered dropping out since I didn’t want to end up with a poor grade.

I told myself I could do it, and I took out my planner and wrote down what I would complete every day. I would drop my daughter to her pre-k at 8 am and head to the college library where I would stay till 2 pm. I would leave my baby with my mom since she was staying over for a few days (that worked to my advantage).

The entire six hours would be dedicated to completing as much writing as possible. It was time-consuming, especially researching topics and referring to books. I would write down the drafts in my notebook and, by the end of the day, start typing them in.
It took me four days to get everything compiled for my writing course, and it took me another two days to type them all in, and proofread. I ended up finishing my course in 6 days, which I am so proud of to this day. It motivates me to keep pushing, and that anything is possible.

It was easier for me to manage since I haven’t been working after having my second child. I know it would’ve been more challenging if I was working full time or even part-time, so props to all the hardworking moms out there who look after their family, work, and are also going to school. You guys are the real superheroes!

More exciting posts to come….follow me to stay updated on my journey.


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